The history of Touffou


Majestically dominating the valley of the Vienne, the Château de Touffou has been listed as a historical monument since 1923. It is today the living space of its current owners who have the pleasure of sharing their home, showing certain rooms of the château. An invitation to let yourself be carried away by the seductive charm of a privileged place full of history and traditions.

The history of the castle is marked by a succession of owners who built, transformed and maintained it. Built in the 12th century under the name of "Tolfol" by the Oger family, the initial Roman building was enlarged in the 15th century at the same time as the construction of the Saint-Jean Tower and the Renaissance-style west wing which subsequently underwent many transformations.

The Historic Monument label brings together owners of private historical monuments. La Demeure historique (DH) is a French association founded in 1924 by Joachim Carvalho , recognized as being of public utility in 1965.

The remarkable gardens

The contemporary gardens overlooking the Vienne river have been built gradually since 1966 by the current owners and have been labeled “Remarkable Gardens” in 2004.

The park includes three distinct gardens bringing together several eras of construction.

  • The English Garden includes a rose garden made up of four enclosed areas of yew

  • The Chaplaincy Garden is made up of a succession of squares of giant artichokes bordered by boxwood

  • The Jardin de la Terrasse de Tournois is a garden low on the Vienne where two washhouses are surrounded by boxwood beds in the shape of trapezoids covered with giant nepeta by Paolo Perjoné.

Remarkable Garden is a label that was created in 2004 by the French Ministry of Culture which aims to recognize and enhance parks and gardens open to the public and well maintained.

The Ogilvy family

David Ogilvy.JPG

The property that changed hands several times over the centuries, Touffou was bought by David Ogilvy in 1966 and is still occupied by his descendants.


David Ogilvy, born in 1911 in Great Britain was a major player in the advertising industry founding Ogilvy & Mather, one of the first advertising groups in the world.

At 55, he acquired Touffou and began his retirement in France with his wife, Herta Lans, whom he married in 1973. He followed all of the agency's advertising creations by telephone, mail and telex from there. In 1989,  he sold Ogilvy & Mather to WPP.

David Ogilvy lived in Touffou until his death at the age of 88 in July 1999. He described this place as "close to paradise".


"Located on the banks of the Vienne, the imposing Château de Touffou reveals six centuries of architecture. The large Romanesque wing found itself gradually surrounded by buildings from different eras. Renaissance architecture is well represented with the west wing built by a comrade in arms of King François Ier. "